best solutions for events or commercial work

Surveying a building, shooting an advert or carrying out crop management, at UAVman we bring together
a global network of pilots authorised to carry out this type of work in your country. Call us or drop us an email for more information.

Agricultural Work

In the modern world of agriculture drones have become and integral part of crop management. Speak to us and find out how to increase yields.

That special day

Getting that perfect shot is never more apparent than when you get married, one time you get the family together and don't want to miss out.

Event monitoring

Organising an event? The realisation of the security and safety that goes into it is over whelming, we can help with drones to monitor below.


You may need a nice 'Orbital' video for a real-estate website or check a roof for storm damage. Our pilots can provide all these services.

When I needed a quick survey of the roof on one of my properties UAVMAN was quick to help and provide a detailed view in minutes to help me understand the work needed. Great service!

- Peter Riddle

flying safely is our priority
and obeying the rules at all times

Qualified pilots

Whether in the UK or across Europe we only work with CAA, IAA or EASA approved pilots, so you are safe in out hands. All our pilots will guide you through the regulatory maze prior to any work and advise on the specific licensing or certificates you need to acquire before any work can be carried out legally.

Join now and register as a pilot available for hire.*

* let us have your details and area of expertise, we can then refer customers directly.

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Forums This Way

Or visit our new FORUM to join in and be part of the future of drones and piloting. Our Pilots Lounge is the perfect place to exchange stories and advice, from the novice to the expert.

It makes sense to keep your finger on the pulse, we gather the best in one place and keep you updated. Our forums are open to non members but to see commercial information you'll need to register.